The SAAM S-Series Air Quality Detection Device will save lives and improve health by continuously monitoring for trace elements of chemicals and particulates in the air using novel and patented

Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) based technology.


The S-Series of devices will initially be offered in two devices, the SP4 portable table-top device is designed to enhance existing installed smoke alarms and can remain in your home, take it with you as you travel, or send away with your children as they leave home to attend college or embark upon a career. The SC4, using the same NDIR technology as the SP4, is designed to be hard-wired to your ceiling and replace current smoke alarm devices. 

Save Lives and Improve

Health with the

S-Series Air Quality

Detection Device




Save lives and improve health by continuously monitoring for trace elements of chemicals and particulates in the air using novel and patented Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) based technology  

Download the SAAM app to your smart phone

Connect app to your SP4 or SC4 Device

Receive LED, Voice, Smart App Alerts, Warnings, and Recommended actions for allergens, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and more!



We offer a dedicated full home monitoring system with our flagship SC4 model, as well as the SP4 portable travel-sized device for those who want security and air quality monitoring on the go.


The S-Series uses spectroscopy-based detection capable of detecting up to 4x faster than traditional technologies.


Can alert you anywhere via text,

in-app messages, audible voice or home alarm systems, providing recommended actions to improve air quality or safely evacuate during a fire or gas leak.


Devices use proprietary machine learning algorithms designed to increase detection time and improve accuracy.


Small form-factor gives you portability for protection on the go. Use it in your office, dorm, hotel room to provide you with comprehensive protection while you’re away from home.


Every S-Series device includes our smart-app, giving you access to our real-time indoor air quality information.








Smart IoT

Comprehensive Analytics

SAAM S-Series

Industry Disruptive, First Generation, Proprietary Life Saving Air Quality Detection Device


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The SAAM SP4 portable is an Air Quality Detection Device that detects changes in the chemical composition in the surrounding atmosphere.  It is currently under development and is not available for sale to the public.

The SP4 is not intended to replace an existing smoke or fire alarm.  The unit’s ability to detect airborne chemicals may depend upon its location in a room and existing ventilation conditions. The SP4 unit is intended for use in ordinary indoor locations in residential living units.  It is not intended to be used in commercial or industrial locations or to measure compliance with OSHA or other industrial air quality standards. The SP4 unit must be connected to an existing alarm system in order to generate automatic alerts to first responders.  If not so connected, the user must manually contact first responders upon receiving an alert from the unit. You must be near your smart phone or other device to receive text or voice/audio alerts from the SP4 unit.  Voice/audio alerts may not awaken all individuals.  The unit must have sufficient battery charge to operate properly. The SP4 unit identifies the most likely allergens or biological hazards in the surrounding air based on particle size in comparison to the unit’s onboard reference standards.  The SP4 unit is currently undergoing independent testing for certification of its capabilities to meet current standards.