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Rob Qualls Featured In AI TechPark

Updated: Mar 17

This week our CEO Rob Qualls was featured in AI Techpark where he discussed the features and benefits of the S-Series. Here are some of the highlights!

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1. Tell us how you came to be the CEO at SAAM, Inc. SAAM was founded in 2018 with a vision to develop consumer safety products; specifically smoke, fire, gas, and air quality detection devices, including the SP4 portable tabletop unit. The SP4 evolved out of discussions with parents who lost children while away at college due to inadequate smoke alarms. SAAM developed the SP4 with AI/IoT capabilities so parents could send it away with their children for added protection and peace of mind. I founded SAAM along with 3-other very talented former Fortune 100 executives and an extremely talented CTO, who happens to be a world renowned expert in spectral technology, the technology we are implementing in our patented devices.

2. How did you define the vision of SAAM? How did you approach your first 100 days as the CEO at SAAM? Once we established the team, we met to discuss our vision and strategy for SAAM. We all agreed in moving forward we would establish an environment of honesty and integrity with a focus on introducing new smart home technology to save lives and improve health, and accomplish this by developing the SP4 and SC4 devices with novel and patented NDIR (Non-dispersive Infrared), AI and IoT technology. Existing smoke detector technology is 50-70 years old, and can often take several minutes to alert homeowners to a potential danger, this is troublesome considering you have an average of 4-minutes to take action before a potential catastrophic event. The S-Series of devices will alert in seconds by detecting trace elements of chemicals in the air indicative of smoke, fire, gas leaks, and allergens. Our vision is to successfully have a SAAM device in every home, protecting consumers and saving lives while improving health. 3. What are the applications or rather opportunities you seek to have with your product? In June of 2021, UL, (Underwriters Laboratory), is changing the smoke alarm standards for the first time in 30-years, the changes will render 95% of smoke alarms in US homes obsolete. By virtue of our novel technology, we can meet or exceed the new UL standards. It is my hope and desire that our technology becomes the new consumer standard for smoke and air quality devices across the globe. We will introduce two devices, the aforementioned SP4, and the hard-wired ceiling mounted SC4 to the consumer and commercial markets. The S-Series technology can also be adapted to detect trace elements of Volatile Organic Compounds, (VOCs), or dangerous and toxic gases; the technology can be adapted to a wearable device for our military and First Responder’s providing an early warning to the presence of life-threatening toxic chemicals.

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